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Versatile Stud Balancer

Baileys have always advocated correct nutrition for the mare both prior to conception and throughout pregnancy, not solely during the final trimester. This can easily be achieved with their award-winning Stud Balancer, which supplies essential nutritional support for all breeding and youngstock but in a low starch, low calorie formula. This makes it ideal for Warmbloods and Natives, many of whom are good-doers, as it can be fed alongside forage as the sole concentrate or with other compounds or straights, should further calories be needed to maintain condition.

Baileys Stud BalancerIts quality protein and supporting vitamins and minerals help encourage even growth rates in youngstock and promote excellent muscle tone, tissue integrity and healthy skeletal development. Stud Balancer can be fed from 3 months of age onwards so is ideal introduced prior to weaning so the foal has adapted to hard feed before the mare is removed. It also supplies all the necessary nutrients to support fertility in both mare and stallion and is a useful addition to the competition stallion’s diet, especially those whose semen is collected for AI, as it supports healthy sperm production.

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